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Cartar Econo Lift

The Cartar Econo portable lift or hoist is a breakthrough in vehicle servicing and repair.  Save time, money, be more efficient and improve safety with a Cartar Econo portable lift in your automobile workshop.

The Cartar Econo is the most versatile and easily maneuvered portable lift available today.

Totally Self Sufficient, there are no oil canisters and hoses to tow behind this unit.

The Cartar Econo portable lift has won many safety awards.

Portable Lift

Powered by Air/hydraulic, no electrics, the Cartar Econo portable lift can be used inside or outside. The Cartar Econo portable lift is a great space saver and highly regarded by Mercedes Benz.


The Cartar Econo portable lift allows you to combine and adapt the many extras available to make this portable lift suit your needs. Replace a couple of your conventional lifts with a Cartar Mobile Lift or a Cartar Econo and open up your workshop Floor. Great space saver.


Totally Australian made.  Quality built for long life.

CARTAR Soultion

CARTAR Soultion

Improve work-flow = Increase profit

Improve work-flow = Increase profit

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